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Copyright Guide for Faculty and Staff

Syllabus Service

The goal of the syllabus service is to increase copyright compliance, through maximizing library collections and ‘open’ available resources and educational exceptions in the Copyright Act.

We want to help!

As a service to Faculty, the Copyright Office would like to help you provide your students with educational content in a cost effective, environmentally friendly, and easily accessible fashion.

This service is voluntary, our goal is to help you provide your students with readings and multimedia while being copyright compliant.

The service involves the faculty member sending a reading/viewing list to the Copyright Office. We review it and advise on the best way to provide access to enrolled students. Here is how our process works:

  • First we determine if it is part of our licensed content through our subscriptions at the library
  • Is available through Open Access?
  • Is eligible for an educational exception in the Copyright Act?
  • Is a permission to use it required? Is so, we will provide assistance in obtaining it.

A key factor is often where the material is being taken from. We can make suggestions on linking to databases and websites, to fully take advantage of what is available for classroom use.

Besides print content, a large advantage of using the LMS for teaching is the ability to use multimedia. Again, we can advise on how best to take advantage of our licensed content to provide these resources to your class in a compliant manner.