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Faculty Information Guide

A guide to services and support provided by the Patrick Power Library for Faculty at Saint Mary's University

Library Instruction (420-5541 / 496-8789)

The Library offers instruction in research skills and the effective use of Library resources. As the service is quite popular, please call early in the academic term to make arrangements. Librarians welcome the opportunity to work with faculty to ensure instruction sessions are relevant to course assignments. Librarians are also available to work with faculty to determine that there are adequate resources to support successful completion of course assignments. Our instruction services are outlined in the following tabs.

Course-Specific Instruction: Professors can arrange course-related library instruction for their students. In consultation with the instructor, librarians will tailor sessions to meet individual class requirements and assignments. We will work with you to develop hands-on activities for the classroom or, where computer labs are available, for lab sessions. Instruction in advanced research skills and specialized resources can also be arranged for upper-year and graduate classes. We can provide information literacy training to your TAs. We are flexible, and can visit your classes more than once, for shorter or longer times, as requested. We are also available for evening and weekend classes.

If you would like to book an instruction session or would like more information about our program, please contact Heather Sanderson at 902-420-5541.

For more information about the kinds of topics that can be covered in an instruction session, please visit our website at and view our instruction menu.

ResearchBase: A library assignment delivered through Brightspace, ResearchBase introduces students to the basics of university-level research. You can assign it for a portion of your students' grade. The assignment is comprised of a series of learning modules and online quizzes designed to teach students the skills they need to find materials for their research assignments and essays. Students will learn how to define a topic, plan a search strategy, search for books and journals using the Novanet catalogue, and locate articles using a journal database. If you would like information about this instructional tool, please contact Cindy Harrigan at 902-496-8789.

Online Instructional Materials: Many of our instructional materials, guides and tutorials are available on the library website. For example, we have numerous subject guides to help students get started on their research at You may link to any of our materials in your Brightspace courses.

For detailed information about Information Literacy programs, please contact Heather Sanderson ( / 420-5541) or Cindy Harrigan ( / 496-8789). Please give as much advance notice as possible (preferably two weeks) when booking instruction sessions for a class.

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