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Copyright Guide for Faculty and Staff

Use of Copyright Materials

Reproducing a work for classroom use can include photocopying, scanning, downloading, or uploading the material. To make a copy of materials they must meet certain qualifications.

The material must be:

  • licensed to the University or the Instructor through a subscription or transactional license
  • permitted for use by the copyright owner
  • permitted for use by a Creative Commons license
  • permitted for use by being Open Access (OA) or an Open Educational Resource (OER)
  • meet the requirements for one of the educational exceptions in the Copyright Act (such as Fair Dealing)
  • in the Public Domain

If you are unsure about the permitted use of any material please contact the Copyright Office for clarification.

Suggested Language for Syllabi & Brightspace

Below is suggested language to acknowledge that your content is in line with Canadian Copyright as well as acknowledging that your created content cannot be shared without your consent.

Copyright Statement 

The materials provided to you in this course are subject to Canadian copyright law. Further reproduction, dissemination, downloading, or sharing may not be allowed unless permitted by an exception in the Copyright Act or with permission from the copyright holder.

Your instructor owns the rights to the content they create, and it is intended for your personal use in this class. Posting this content on external sites or sharing it with people outside of your class without permission may be an infringement of copyright.

Third party copyrighted materials have been licensed for use for this class or are covered under an exception in the Canadian Copyright Act. Any further use is subject to the terms of the Act unless you have permission from the copyright holder. Learn more about copyright and your rights at: