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Copyright Guide for Faculty and Staff


Linking in Brightspace to a licensed article, e-book or legitimate web resource is always a good option to explore, and may be permitted, even when posting copies of the content is not an option. See HERE for further details on how to link from specific resources.

If you are linking to web resources other than those posted by the University, please ensure that the site is a legitimate site that has the right to post the information they are displaying. Do not link to any sites that are infringing on copyright.

Linking also cuts down on the number of additional licenses that the university may need to acquire to provide content to students in a course pack for example. Almost all of our subscriptions permit linking. This is a very accessible, cost effective, and environmentally friendly method of providing content to your class.

Please note: linking is almost always permissible to licensed content from the library's databases. However, there are a couple of exceptions that do not permit linking (IE Harvard Business Review).