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Faculty Information Guide

A guide to services and support provided by the Patrick Power Library for Faculty at Saint Mary's University

New Course Proposals & Self-study Reports for Academic Program Reviews

A faculty member proposing a new course should complete a Proposal for New Course form, including the Library Review section. Completion of the form is the responsibility of the faculty member proposing the course. The New Course Proposal form is available from the Senate Office (420-5412) and also from the Senate website, in the Forms, Curriculum Submissions section.

The completed Proposal for New Course form is submitted to the University Librarian. The Library Review section will be evaluated by a Library Collection Liaison, and approved by the University Librarian before it is returned to the faculty member for submission to the Department and Faculty Council. Please allow two weeks for the Library’s assessment.

If substantial resources are required to support a new course, orders should be placed no later than three months prior to the course implementation date, to ensure timely receipt and processing. Holdings from other Novanet libraries may be relevant but should not comprise the principal source of library support for a proposed course.

Questions concerning Library Reviews for New Course Proposals should be directed to Lisa Billard, Library Administration (420-5534),

In accordance with the Senate Policy on the Review of Academic Programs, the Library will provide a report with information about supporting resources and services for the academic department’s self-study.

Questions concerning library reviews for Self-study Reports should be directed to Lisa Billard, Library Administration (420-5534),

Questions concerning library reviews for New Course Proposals, or Self-study Reports for Academic Program Reviews, should be directed to:

Lisa Billard, Library Administrative Assistant

420-5534, or