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Your guide to accessing Canadian government documents and information about Canada produced by the Government of Canada.

Indigenous Peoples

    Canadian Government Document information on Aboriginal People.


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- try putting "Indigenous" in subject box. Other terms to try include "aboriginal", "Indian", "Inuit", "First Nations", etc.

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Primary Sources

Links to selected primary sources available from this department.

History of Canadian Department of Aboriginal and Northern Affairs

The Minister of Indian Affairs and Norther Development was established Oct. 1st, 1966. Effective June 13, 2011 the name was changed to Aboriginal Affairs and Northern Development Canada but this change has no impact of the mandate of the department. For Information on the department's responsibilities prior to 1966 search under the following departments:

  • Northern Affairs and National Resources (Dec. 16th, 1953 - Sept. 30th, 1966)
  • Resources and Development (Jan. 18th, 1950 - Dec. 15th, 1953)
  • Mines and Resources (Dec. 1st, 1936 - Jan. 17th, 1950)
  • Reconstruction and Supply (Jan. 1st, 1946 - Jan. 17th, 1950)
  • Indain Affairs (May 22nd, 1868 - Nov. 30th, 1936)
  • Interior (July 1st, 1873 - Nov. 30th, 1936)
  • Mines (April 27th, 1907 - Nov. 30th, 1936)
  • Immigration and Colonization (Oct. 12th, 1917 0 Nov. 30th, 1936)

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