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GovDocs - Gateway to Government Resources

This guide is a gateway to government resources

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Canada Parliament

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France National Assemble

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United States Capitol

About the Government Information Guides

Government documents are often seen as daunting by many researchers and therefore sometimes avoided. However, as the world's largest publishers, Governments produce information on a vast variety of topics and therefore can be a rich source of information. To assist the researcher this guide will serve as a gateway to a number of guides to Government information available not just at the Patrick Power Library but also on-line. 

Use the tabs to the left to find guides which can be searched either by country / region or by subject area of interest. If you are interested in a variety of information about a specific county then search for that country under "Guides By Geographical Locations". If you are interested in a specific subject then try searching under "Govdocs By Subject". 

This is very much a work in progress so please check back often to see what is new.