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Women and Gender Studies

Reference Sources

Use reference books as background sources to get quick facts or information, or an overview of a subject. Some examples of reference sources are: dictionaries, encyclopedias, bibliographies, almanacs, directories, atlases, and handbooks.

Books with REF in the call number are located on the first floor. Books with GEN are on the second or third floors.


Encyclopedia of Domestic Violence

HV 6626 .E534 2007 REF

Encyclopedia of Prostitution and Sex Work

HQ 115 E53 2006 REF

Encyclopedia of Sex and Gender

HQ 16 E52 2007 REF

Encyclopedia of Women and Crime

HV 6046 E56 2000 REF

Girl Culture: An Encyclopedia

HQ 798 G523 2008 REF

Greenwood Encyclopedia of Women's Issues Worldwide

HQ 1726 G74 2003 REF

Historical Dictionary of Feminism

HQ 1115 B65 2004 REF

LGBTQ America Today: An Encyclopedia

HQ 73.3 U6 L43 2009 REF

Sex from Plato to Paglia: A Philosophical


HQ 12 S423 2006 REF

International Encyclopedia of Women

HQ 1115 R69 2000 REF

Women in Canada: A Gender-based Statistical Report

HQ 1453 W66 2006 REF