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Copyright Guide for Faculty and Staff

General Copyright Statement

Saint Mary’s University understands both the desire to protect scholarly research and writing, and the need to advance knowledge. The university believes in fairly compensating content creators for their contributions to academic advancement while maximizing the permissions granted to us through our paid licensing agreements and the educational exceptions in the Copyright Act.

The Copyright Act has been amended and modernized in recent years. These amendments provide educational institutions with rights to access, make and distribute content to their students. Reproducing a work can include photocopying, scanning, downloading, or uploading the material. Library licensing agreements for electronic content also outline how certain materials can be shared.

Faculty and Staff must comply with the Copyright Act and these licensing agreements. This guide was created to help ensure full copyright compliance by offering information on copyright and best practices for faculty and staff. It does not provide legal advice.

Please note: a separate guide has been set up to support students in remaining copyright compliant.

Copyright Contact at Saint Mary's

We invite you to contact us to discuss your questions, concerns, feedback, or suggestions relating to copyright or this guide. We can be reached at:

General contact:

Suzanne van den Hoogen
University Librarian / Copyright Officer
Tel 902-420-5532


Information Sessions:

We would be happy to provide an information session for your department or class! Past talks have focused on Copyright Basics, Finding and Using Images, and Fair Dealing, but sessions can be tailored for your specific needs. Please contact us at to schedule a session.


Please note: This guide does not provide legal advice. It is intended to give guidance about acceptable use of copyright protected materials.