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Copyright Guide for Faculty and Staff

Where to Find Copyright & Licensing Infomation

Users are not often aware of the copyright and permitted uses for a given piece of work. It can sometimes be difficult to locate this information. Most online journals, web sites and databases have their copyright and licensing information somewhere on their main page. Look for links titled 'Copyright' or 'Terms of Use'.

Please note that in some instances our license for a given ejournal or database may grant us greater permissions than those that are listed in the general 'terms of use' section. If you find a work that appears to not permit your intended use please check with the library as we may be able to help.

You can search Google by 'usage rights'. This can be a huge help to faculty, staff and students in finding content that can be used for a variety of purposes. Google can help users find 'open' content that can be 'shared' freely, and in some cases, can even be modified for your specific needs.

All you have to do is:

  • Go to
  • Alternatively, you can simply search for 'Google Advanced Search'
  • Select the type of 'Usage Rights' you would like to search by, and go!

Finding Copyright Information Using the Library Search

The library has added the license information for most electronic journal subscriptions into the Library's search page. Here are a couple of quick and easy steps to help you find the given permissions for most electronic titles the University subscribes to.

1. Go the Library webpage and click the the link titled 'Journals A-Z'


2. Enter name of the journal in the 'Find Journals' search bar and hit Enter


3. View the results. A link titled 'Copyright & Permissions Information' will appear below each result. This link will display information in regards to what is or isn't permissible for each title, including: can it be linked to, can it be used in a course pack, can it be uploaded to Brightspace, etc.  


PLEASE NOTE: If any options request that you 'ASK' please click the 'ASK' button and follow the instructions to request further information.


Please note: This guide does not provide legal advice. It is intented to give guidance about acceptable use of copyright protected materials.