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About Tests & Measurements

This guide provides you with sources of information about test measurements.

The Library does not collect psychological tests and measures. Unpublished tests can often be found in research articles or in a handbook of measures. Commercially published tests are usually purchased through the publisher.

For more information on finding tests, visit APA's website on Testing & Assessment:

Key Sources for Finding Tests & Measurements

The top reference sources for published tests are Mental Measurements Yearbook (MMY), Tests in Print (TIP), and Tests.

Finding Books about Tests

You can try searching in the Library's catalogue for the name of the test (e.g., Emotional Quotient Inventory), or by the type of test (e.g., Emotional intelligence tests). Here are some suggested subject headings for locating items in the Library's catalogue.

Using PsycINFO to Find Test Information

Use the PsycINFO database to find test information.

If looking for a particular test used in a research study, enter the test name in the Tests & Measures search box (located in "Search Options", then within "Limit your results" below the Advanced Search boxes):

Screenshot of PsycINFO search box, with "Tests & Measures" circled in purple.

If looking for names of tests used in a specific research topic, you can use the Classification Codes search (located in "Search Options", below the Advanced Search boxes):

Example: You are looking for tests relating to autism. Search autism and then limit to "2222 Developmental Scales & Schedules" within the Classification Codes:

Screenshot of classification codes in PsycINFO database.


Sometimes, an author may include the actual test with the findings, in which case the test name will be followed by the word Appended, e.g., Childhood Autism Rating Scale [Appended]. The test should appear within the full-text of the article.

Encyclopedias & Handbooks about Testing

Questions about issues related to testing & assessment? Try these sources: