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Copyright Guide for Students

General Information

Canadian Copyright law allows educational institutions to display a film in the classroom. The viewing must be for purely educational purposes, take place on campus and for an audience consisting primarily of students of the educational institution. The film must be a legitimate purchased copy (whether in hand or streaming).

These developments do not apply to screenings for other purposes such as fund-raisers on campus.

For wider 'public viewings', the library purchases materials with public performance rights, and items in the collection are labeled to indicate when rights are included. Saint Mary's University subscribes to several educational site license agencies: Audio-Ciné Films Inc. and Criterion Pictures (not to be confused with Criterion Collection). Films covered under these licenses may possibly be screened for other purposes. To find out whether a title you wish to screen is covered by these site licenses, contact the library or check the following websites:

Copies of any DVDs or videos may not be made without permission from the copyright owner.

Below is a video tutorial used with the permission of Seneca College. Saint Mary's University does not accept full responsibility for the accuracy and interpretation of the content, we understand the content is edited irregularly and is prepared by library staff and is not reviewed by legal council.


Please note: This guide does not provide legal advice. It is intented to give guidance about acceptable use of copyright protected materials.