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How to Find Literary Criticism

This guide will help you help find criticism on an author's work

How to Search for Criticism in Journal Article Databases

The Library subscribes to a number of databases that are very useful for finding literary criticism.


Example #1: Literature Resource Center database
You can search by the author's name and/or the name of the work:

Screenshot of filtering a search request in the Literature Resource Center database.

The side menu allows you to filter your results by subject, author, and more. Click the titles to view full-text from journals and reference books.                             

Screenshot of a filtered search request in the Literature Resource Center database.

Example #2: EBSCO Academic Search Premier database

Perform a keyword search by entering the author's name, the title of the work, and the term "criticism". 

Screenshot of an example search in the EBSCO Academic Search Premier database.


Suggested Databases to Use

The Library subscribes to several literature-related databases that contain literary criticism. The following list is a selection you may wish to search. Other databases may also contain articles on literary criticism. Ask at the Library's Research Help Desk if you need help in identifying other sources of journal articles.