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Open Access

A guide for students, faculty, & researchers at Saint Mary's University

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What is Open Access?

  • Open Access (OA) is a publishing model that aims to increase access to the results of scholarly research.
  • Open Access provides free and unrestricted online availability to research articles and data.
  • Open Access materials are made available through OA journals and subject specific and institutional repositories.
  • Quality Open Access journals have the same peer review process as traditional journals.

Benefits of Open Access

  • Author visibility and impact are increased.
  • Researchers can read and build on the findings of others without restrictions.
  • Teachers and students have access to the latest research findings.
  • The latest research findings are available to researchers in developing countries.

Open Access 101, from SPARC

A short video from SPARC explaining the principles and benefits of Open Access.

Links to more information about Open Access