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English Language & Literature

Google Scholar Search

If you are searching Google Scholar off-campus, set your preferences in Google Scholar Settings to link to the Saint Mary's online collections.

Google Scholar Search

Is Your Source Credible?

For information on journal quality and what to look out for when searching for journal articles on the web (e.g., in Google Scholar), see the Library's Open Access guide page on Predatory Publishers.

You can also look up a journal in the following source as one way to check for quality and credibility:

Databases and Journals

The following databases are suggested starting points for research in English Language and Literature. To access a database off-campus, use your SMU email and password to login. View a full list of the library's databases on the A-Z Databases webpage.

Other useful databases:

A growing number of peer-reviewed journals are published open-access online.  Here are a few in English studies. The library catalogue contains links to these journals as well.

Do you have a citation to an article? Check our Journals A-Z list to see if it is available at Saint Mary's.

Watch a play, listen to a poem and more. . . check out these video and audio resources.

Journal and Search Alerts

Most databases allow you to set up a personal account where you can save your searches. Many journals allow you to receive alerts of new issues or new articles that match your research criteria. Look for RSS, Save as Search Alert, TOC Alert, e-alerts, etc. The following guide shows you how to set up alerts:

What are Scholarly Journals?

What are Scholarly Journals?   

Photograph of three journals.

Also known as peer-reviewed journals and academic journals. Many scholarly journals are peer-reviewed. If a scholarly journal is peer-reviewed, it means that the articles contained within the publication have been anonymously reviewed and evaluated by scholars in the field prior to publication. This process ensures that the quality of the research presented is high.

You can establish if a journal is peer-reviewed by looking at the guidelines for article submission (often found in the front or back of the issue), or by consulting the journal's website for this information. The Library's Research Help desk can also help you identify peer-reviewed journals and articles.

Need help finding journal articles? Check out this guide: