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English Language & Literature

Reference Sources

Use reference books as background sources to get quick facts or information, or an overview of a subject. Some examples of reference sources are: dictionaries, encyclopedias, bibliographies, almanacs, directories, atlases, and handbooks.

Books with REF in the call number are located on the first floor. Books with GEN are on the second or third floors.


All Things Austen

 PR 4036 A275 2005 REF

Dictionary of Literary Biography

 PN 451 D52 REF

Dictionary of Literary Influence

Encyclopedia of Contemporary Christian Fiction 

 Z 1039 C45 D53 REF

PS 374 C48 T57 2009 REF

Encylopedia of Feminist Literature

Encyclopedia of Literary and Cultural Theory

 PN 471 W455 2004 REF

 PN 81 E435 2011 REF

Encyclopedia of American Literature

 PS 21 E537 2004 REF

Benet's Reader's Encyclopedia

 PN 41 B4 2008 REF

Encyclopedia of Literature in Canada

 PS 8015 E53 2002 REF

Feminist Companion to Literature in English

 PR 111 F45 1990 REF

New Princeton Encyclopedia of Poetry and Poetics

 PN 1021 N39 1993 REF

Oxford Companion to English Literature

 PR 19 O94 2009 REF

Oxford Companion to Shakespeare

 PR 2892 O94 2001 REF

Encyclopedia of the Novel

 PN 41 E485 2011 REF