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Statistics & Data

Statistical and data information resources available at Saint Mary's University, including Statistics Canada, business and international sources

Welcome to Love Data Week 2022!

Love Data Week 2022: February 14-18!

This international celebration of all things "Data", is coordinated by the ICPSR. More than 120 events are sponsored by academic libraries and research centres, as well as on social media channels (hashtag #LoveData22). It's purpose is to raise awareness and build a community to engage on topics related to library-based research data services, research data management, sharing, preservation, reuse. 

The theme of this year is "Data is for everyone."

We want you to participateShare your experiences, learn from others, and find out about library data resources

  • Join the Love Data conversation on Twitter using #LoveData22 and #SMULovesData 
    • Follow @SMUHfxLibrary for news and updates
    • Share your DataLove, or DataLoss stories
  • Drop-in (virtually) to chat with Librarians about library data resources, or just to share your Data Love stories, at the (virtual) Libraries Love Data Meet 'n Greet, Friday, 18 February 2022 (RSVP here)
  • Read about it! Data is *everywhere*, impacting everyone,.It's being used and misused to shape our world in surprising ways. Who gets counted? Who gets counted out? Check out some of our favorite titles below, under the Data Books We Love Tab. 
  • Browse Patrick Power Library data resources in our Guides:
  • Tell us how your using data in your classes and in your research, so we can help everyone #LoveData just a little bit more!

Data Fun & Games

Because *sometimes* we just need to relax!

Choose Your Own (Research Data Management) Adventure! Designed and written by University of Bath and Stellenbosch University

  • You are in charge of your research journey! See where your choices lead, follow the unfolding plot, and learn about data management along the way!

Data Management: The Game (courtesy Margaret Janz, Science & Engineering Librarian, Temple University)

  • Well, two games actually: What's in a Name? (Who knew file names matter?!) OR Storage Wars (How safe is your data?) x

Dilemma Game (Erasmus University Rotterdam Taskforce - Scientific Integrity) 

  • An award-winning research integrity game that poses challenging scenarios and players decide the best option for the ethical research dilemma. Available as an app and a card game.

Data Horror (Virtual) Escape Room  

  • Created by a collaborative team from the Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam, Leiden University and the Eindhoven University of Technology. Originally launched during Data Horror Week in the Netherlands.
LEGO® Metadata for Reproducibility game pack
  • This is a set of resources for the LEGO® Metadata for Reproducibility game. The LEGO® Metadata for Reproducibility game is an interactive game for 4-24 players, using LEGO® to help researchers explore the metadata they might need to record to aid reproducibility. The game addresses issues including planning for metadata, formats of metadata recording, standards and automation. The game also draws multiple parallels between recording and communicating the research process and documenting and the creation of a LEGO® model. The process of playing the game draws researchers into discussions on how metadata is captured, recorded and disseminated, which in turn provides an opportunity for signposting to further resources in this area.

The Art of Data

Art Made of Data ( video playlist)

  • Seeing patterns and creating beauty -- data visualization has become an art form. Meet pioneering artists who use spreadsheets, archives and digital data as their paints and canvas.

The Wind's Invisible Poetry Flows Through These Digital Paintings

  • See what you can only feel and hear: Wind of Boston ‘paintings’

How Knitting Enthusiasts Are Using Their Craft to Visualize Climate Change

The Tempestry Project

  • The Tempestry Project is personal and collaborative fiber art, environmental awareness, and climate activism via data representation all rolled into a sprawling community of friends, artists, crafters, teachers, scientists, activists, nature lovers, and more.

Read more about the project here.

Doing Data Good in the World

Critical Distance connects audiences with nature—and each other 

  • A new augmented reality (AR) experience—an exhibit at the Smithsonian National Museum of Natural History, brings a marine ecosystem to life, allowing audiences to connect with orcas in an entirely new way.

Patrick Power Librarians Loves Data Too! @smuhalifax Join librarians Joyce Thomson and Peter Webster online, Friday. February 18th at 2-3pm, to chat about library data services & resources. We'd love to know more about data you love, data you're using, and how we might work together to #LoveData22 ***RSVP here***

Speakers and attendees shared many useful links yesterday, during the Pandora Papers for Data Lovers panel coordinated by Marcela Isuster (Associate Librarian, Coordinator, Digital Scholarship Hub, McGill University)