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Statistics & Data

Statistical and data information resources available at Saint Mary's University, including Statistics Canada, business and international sources

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Geo-Spatial Data

Emergency Coastal Flooding Decision Support System

The Applied Geomatics Research Group of the Nova Scotia Community College (NSCC) has developed a web-based Emergency Coastal Flooding Decision Support System to present coastal flood risk from storm surges and long term sea-level rise in the Maritimes. Read about the project ,a href="">here</a href> or go directly to the inteactive map, linked below.

Tutorials - Learn to use QGIS software, provided by Statistics Canada GIS

What is GIS, and why use QGIS (StatCan QGIS Demo 1)

In this introductory tutorial we'll discuss what geographic information systems (GIS) are, their applications, and potential uses in your own areas of work and expertise. 


QGIS Demo 2a - Categories, Sub-Types and Properties of Spatial Data

This tutorial covers the main categories and sub-types of spatial data used in GIS, as well as three properties that make datasets spatial: map projections, datums and coordinate reference systems. 


QGIS Demo 2b - Downloading Spatial Datasets from Open Maps

This tutorial covers navigating and downloading spatial data from Canada's Open Maps platform, the integrated geospatial data archive for the federal government.