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Welcome to the Multidisciplinary section of the PRME Library!

Welcome to the Multidisciplinary section of the PRME Library! This section holds links to resources which can be used much more broadly across all disciplines and departments. To your left, you can click on the sub-pages containing different materials.

A few examples of resources from this section:

  • Data and statistics on corruption and global entrepreneurial dynamics
  • Online games for teaching students about CSR, social entrepreneurship, negotiation and conflict resolution, sustainable development, and the relationships between work, education and poverty.
  • Online tools for studying sustainable business operations, supply chains, and risk management
  • Reference materials for CSR
  • Short animated videos that explain ethical terms and concepts
  • A page for "Other Resources" containing:
    • Blogs and newsletter with commentary on business ethics
    • Online learning modules on corruption and human rights
    • SuliTest -- a sustainability literacy test for students and faculty 
    • Global principles and guidelines around human rights, women's empowerment, and children's rights
    • Student projects such as AIM2Flourish and WikiRate‚Äč